“Where there’s a bitch , there’s a want

“Where there’s a bitch , there’s a want



10 Seconds of courage by undefeated fighter Nadine Champion is not only one of the most influential books I have ever read, but it is also a complete wake up call to my own self doubt and fear. A Friend Introduced me to Nadine Champion’s Tedx speech on Youtube, he had listen to me express my frustration with training and how I am trying to persevere through pain. I immediately was captivated by Nadine’s story and wise words passed down by Sensei Benny, and like many people who have seen the video I found myself raising my hand in encouragement at my computer screen for her to break the block of wood, a test of strength and will. (even though I had seen it many times already I still did this action).

With out giving too much away the book chapters are split into rounds that map out important events or lessons in Nadine’s life. These chapters are written to make the reader self reflect with highlighted points that relate to how we all think during certain events in our lives and how by simply changing the way we think will change the outcome and impact the events will have on us.

I feel like Nadine has totally made me feel less like an alien and outsider especially in the world of martial arts. She has shed light on her own experiences that I often feel I face to some extent. Whilst I am not as well trained as Nadine and have limited years of experience , I feel my determination is hindered by my lack of self belief, the constant fear of making a mistake or getting things wrong with the added pressure of wanting to get things right to impress a coach or training partner.

An important message declared in ’10 Seconds of Courage’ is “learning requires freedom to get things wrong”, and while often we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get things right we have to also learn to laugh at ourselves and not take things seriously. In training on Saturday night I became increasingly frustrated by a training drill for take downs in BJJ, all I could think of is “I feel stupid, I look stupid”, instead of allowing myself to get it wrong and shake it off, even laugh for goodness sake, I took it so seriously that I just gave up. After reading Nadine’s book I feel ridiculous for giving up so easily.

I guess something Sensei Benny would say is “where there’s a bitch, there’s a want” . The lesson I have learnt from ’10 Seconds of Courage’ is during the take down drill I needed to find the want and drive to be better at it, and the real reason I was upset is because I was not immediately successful when I looked around and saw other people were doing it with ease. I allowed myself to be completely Immersed in other peoples success and confidence rather than working on my own determination to succeed in that one drill.

Nadine, Thank you for making me feel brave enough to dream and more importantly brave enough to succeed. I advise everyone in whatever goal they have in life no matter how big it may be, to read this book for realisation that the only person who can make you believe your good enough is yourself. That the moment you “change your thinking” you leave a world of possibilities open for your own achievement. And the best way to start this journey is to stop. breathe and take 10 seconds of courage…


Thank you Nadine Champion and Sensei Benny




Week 4:90 day sss (end of cycle 1) 

Ok so this is a Late post it was supposed to be posted on Sunday but here I am Tuesday typing it up. I got busy sorry guys. 

As much as I want to sit here and say my progress has been amazing it’s far from that feeling at the moment. I submitted my results online to the body coach, I submitted the photos front facing and side facing and thought I would have a look back at the photos I first submitted. I feel a little dis heartened as I was expecting a big change. It’s been a whole month and I stuck to the food. I only had 1 cheat meal in that whole time frame. I stuck to the work outs and I don’t look any different. 

My weight started at 54kg and I’m now at 53. I was not wanting to loose loads of weight so I am quite happy about that. I think I had too much of a high expectation for a drastic change. 4 weeks is not enough time to see me go from little to lean. I have been really hard on myself, I guess all I can do is continue and see where it takes me over the next two months. 

On the plus side I feel like I have more energy and my skins great from drinking loads of water. I also a,mexcitied to start using weights in my training (this will make a difference). 

I think these 4 weeks have taught me a lot about what I need to fuel my body and it helped me prep like a boss !. I think I will go into cycle 2 with no expectation of a massive change, pressure is the worst thing I could put on myself, especially when IT HAS ONLY BEEN A MONTH!.

Until cycle 2…

See ya


Week 3: 90daysss plan


A little rocky this week, haven’t been feeling great and found myself obsessing on the subject “have I physically changed”. The truth is I have not physically changed that much and it really started to irritate me, I found myself asking “am I wasting my time”. It took me a few days to get out of this mindset and I started thinking I’m being way too hard on myself and it’s only been 3 weeks!. 

So I wrote down tips on how I could prevent this from making me feel like a ‘Debbie downer’. 

Clear my mind (meditate)

If you are someone who gets in their own head and can be your worst enemy try meditating, there are tons of meditation videos on YouTube that you can access. Try spending 30minuites clearing your thoughts and bringing yourself back to your centre to clear your mind of the negativity stopping you from reaching your goals. I always advise ,y clients at work to try meditation to prepare their minds for the goals they have, I find its really helpful when you are a negative thinker or an over achiever, you tend to be hard on yourself. 

Surround yourself with supportive people 

The biggest thing when progressing to achieve your goals is having a support team!, could be your parents, friends, co workers  or even clients. You need a team cheering you on , these are the people that tell you that you are doing great, that they’re proud of you and that “you look great” (even if you feel like you don’t). My support team is my boyfriend and my colleagues, they always help me out when I feel stressed or overwhelmed . My boyfriend stops me from eating things ‘off’ plan that will sabotage the results I’ve already achieved.
Write a journal 

Visualise your goals , everything positive, write it down in a journal, everything negative write it down too then rip it up and throw it in the bin. Physically getting rid of the negative thoughts is great if you are more of a visual learner, it’s the same principle you use when you have good ideas. You either write them down or draw a picture or do a mood board. Journals are good to monitor progress and to let out any frustrations that you have , also great if you feel like you do not want to share your problems with friends .
So that’s it really, three things that helped me and could help you if you feel same. The 90daysss plan by the body coach is a lifestyle change . It is hard your body will scream for chocolate and fizzy drinks and alcohol. The thought of seeing people tucking into a pizza or burger is absolutely painful, but continue, you started for a reason . I’m starting week 4 and think if I give up now all of this would of been a waste of time and energy.

Good luck if you are doing the plan and ask me anything I’ll help as best I can.



Week 2: 90 day sss plan 

Ok so not a great video log of this week but it pretty much was similar to last week. 

This week I have noticed that I am able to exercise for longer periods of time especially with the cardio hiit sessions. I am still doing the 5 sessions a week with 1 being Muay Thai. I am yet to feel great doing push ups but I think by the time I am on cycle 2 I will have this down packed. 

The food has been great this week. I did have a cheat snack 🙈 but apart from that I have not gone off track. I love the food (even if I can’t finish it because the portions are big), at least I am consistently eating 3 meals a day instead of my average 1 meal a day.

Any ways keep following and ask any questions you may have if you are thinking of starting this plan.


Week 1 90daysss 

Week 1 90daysss 


I have finished my first week on the 90daysss plan. I am so proud of myself I know I still have a long way to go but I followed the plan with only a few mistakes. I decided to do this to help change my eating habits, I exercise  frequently but found I was tired all the time. The things I had learnt from this week have been…

  1. Drink loads of water your body needs it!.
  2. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.like seriously.
  3. You need a lot of Tupperware
  4. Make sure you measure your food.
  5. Don’t be scared of carbs .

Check out my vlog on my YouTube account. I also hope this helps anyone thinking of doing the plan by the body coach.







OK so I know that It has been a whole year since I posted. Truth is (I do have a good excuse)I had moved to Australia and had to settle in, which has taken a long time.

Now I am settled and enjoying every second of it (the beginning was awful, long story.) I will be posting more about my continued fitness journey to becoming a stunt performer. YAY.

I am currently working in a Yoga and Pilates studio in a cute little village called ‘Lane Cove’it is located just outside the central business district. The studio has great classes and warm welcoming members so I love my job and I am ready to really knuckle down and focus on my own goals.

So the post title “90 day SSS”, this is a plan I am on which is a shift, shape and sustain plan. Some of you may have heard of it especially if you are from the UK. Joe Wicks created this plan as an easy way to get in shape and change a lifestyle. I personally wanted to do the plan to help me eat correctly while training. I sometimes struggle with eating the right amount of food at the right times, which some times leaves me tired and unmotivated (I am sure we can all relate to these moments.)

The plan is 90 days and is split into 4 cycles. Along side my blogging I will be posting regular Vlogs to my you tube account which I will also link to here.

I promise I will post again.



Magic water !

Magic water !

So I haven’t posted in a while but I will be posting more frequently.

On to some exciting news, I was very kindly invited to a very special launch for ‘Solan De Cabras’ here in the Uk. I cannot express enough how amazing this water is the beautiful blue bottle protects the water from sunlight so it remains wonderful and fresh.

So here are some interesting facts about the water itself.

Solan de Cabras water comes from a single Spring located in Cuenca in Madrid.
This water is also super super healthy because it’s free of pollutants

This is also a water with 225 years of history.

A goatherd believed it cured his goats and gained a whole new level of health

Ferdinand VII and Maria went to the springs to cure the queens fertility issues.

So some really interesting facts there you can find more out at http://www.solandecabras.es

So the water is coming to the uk!!!!, you can find it in selected stores such as waitrose and in a variety of restaurants!

So cool off this summer, with Solan De Cabras